Why Track It with TrackIt? This Solution Was Made to Work Specifically for You!

November 13, 2020 Karli Langner

Like most things, one size never fits all. The same rings true for telematics systems; data and reporting should be customizable to your fleet’s specific needs. Whether you want to keep your thumb on nonproductive time, monitor driver performance, make sure your vehicles are healthy, or optimize your routes, it’s imperative to choose a solution designed for your particular business.  

There are many telematics companies to choose from, but you need an industry leader with years of experience that can tackle the needs of your particular fleet, and the knowledge to solve any issues you are facing now and while your fleet grows. It’s also important to find a provider whose telematics solution can integrate with your other business software.

If your fleet management solution doesn’t feed data into your systems for billing and payroll, that means extra work for you and your team. Solutions that can easily connect to your other systems enables you and third-party developers to integrate data collected from your telematics solution with your in-house systems.

When investing in a new solution, you aren’t investing in the software and hardware itself, but also in customer service and support from your provider. There’s nothing more frustrating than lousy customer service; when you have questions or the system is down, you need peace of mind that your provider has your back and that you’ll be able to quickly get an expert on the phone who is happy to support you.

Command Alkon’s TrackIt solution was designed especially to meet the construction industry’s mixed-fleet tracking, reporting, and documentation requirements while also providing data-based business intelligence and insights. With GPS truck tracking and telematics as well as fleet and workforce management, TrackIt gives you the visibility you need to optimize your fleet operation:

  • Analyze driver habits to increase fuel economy and improve safety.
  • Monitor vehicle health to improve maintenance and performance.
  • Examine jobs, routes, productivity, and performance to eliminate nonproductive time.
  • Eliminate paper timesheets to save time and improve accuracy.
  • Integrate performance, payroll and other relevant data into business systems, making it easy to review, edit, approve, pay and document.

TrackIt GPS/telematics capabilities are making the Amazon experience a reality where customers are provided with end-to-end digital experiences, and Command Alkon’s commitment to servicing our customers is second to none.

Want to learn more about why you should Track It with TrackIt? Visit www.commandalkon.com/gettrackit now!

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