Why Track It with TrackIt? Better Manage Your Operating Costs!

November 6, 2020 Karli Langner

Whether company-owned or outsourced, large or small, every fleet can use help in controlling their costs. That’s why more and more fleet managers are turning to telematics as an effective solution for managing their fleets within limited budgets. When properly implemented, GPS vehicle tracking systems can generate positive results in many areas, including employee productivity, driver safety, and the ability to help lower operational expenses.

Here are five best practices of how you can reduce operating expenses and accomplish your goals with telematics software:

Minimize Fuel Consumption

Telematics can help reduce fuel burn and expenses through their ability to shorten vehicle routes and decrease engine idling time. Telematics can also identify driver behaviors that consume excess fuel and help fleet managers recognize when engine performance is affecting fuel economy.

Extend Life of Vehicles with Routine Maintenance

When telematics systems are implemented, fleet managers gain new visibility into outstanding or hidden maintenance issues that could threaten the safety of the driver and the health of the vehicle. Telematics systems can provide information about fault codes, helping to prevent small issues from becoming a big repair problem. The system can also be used to keep maintenance on schedule, track idle time, and monitor operator performance.

Hold Workforce Accountable

Drivers that know they are being monitored by a fleet management and telematics system are less likely to make unnecessary detours or personal stops. They may avoid spending unnecessary time at jobsites and/or avoid idling the engine while filling out paperwork in the vehicle. GPS tracking devices aren’t necessarily used to discover what a driver is doing wrong, but what they are doing right. The information provides more clarity of tasks and results, allows drivers to take ownership of their jobs and self-correct, rather than having to be micromanaged.

Keep Fleet Safe

Telematics helps improve driver safety by monitoring the location and speed of every vehicle. The technology also provides near real-time alerts when speeding incidents occur or other risky driving behaviors like hard braking and fast acceleration. Ensuring safe driving promotes savings on numerous operational costs.

Optimize Driver Productivity with Each Route

GPS &Telematics systems provide the opportunity to optimize each route to shorten travel times and lower fuel consumption. The GPS delivers an automatic transmission of route information, enabling wireless dispatching of real-time route status and feedback, as well as providing an optional turn-by-turn direction module that can further increase driver productivity.

TrackIt has the tools you need to reduce operating costs without sacrificing the quality of your service or making the lives of your drivers more difficult. This is just one of the many reasons why you should Track It with TrackIt!

Keep up with our “Why Track It with TrackIt” series and visit www.commandalkon.com/gettrackit to dive deep into the benefits that TrackIt delivers to your fleet.

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