Give Yourself the Gift of Total Visibility into Materials While On-the-Go!

June 1, 2020 Karli Langner

If you’re running a construction job or supplying or hauling construction materials, you are probably working with many truck drivers and a fleet of trucks that are all traveling miles to get to their destinations. You may also be supplying concrete for a job–mixing fresh concrete, transporting it through all kinds of weather conditions, and managing slump to exacting client specifications. 

That’s a lot to manage. 

So how do you remain ahead of your business demands and use the data generated by your devices to anticipate problems and ensure smooth operations and full fleet visibility? 

GPS, telematics, concrete telematics, and fleet management software are all great tools to help you ramp up your productivity. Working separately or in tandem, they enable you to achieve stellar fleet management, as you:

  1. Track the health of your fleet and maintenance workflows to avoid downtime and lengthen vehicle lifespan. 
  2. Monitor driver status and location for better insights into driver behavior (telematics devices can pinpoint both drive productivity and unsafe driver behaviors that may impact vehicles by monitoring service history for a better handle on your total cost of ownership).
  3. Receive real-time odometer updates, inspection results, and diagnostic trouble codes by supplementing telematics data with fleet management software to streamline maintenance processes, prevent downtime, and improve fleet operations.
  4. Better manage complex projects, cost factors, and bid accuracy at one or more job sites. 
  5. Gain visibility into equipment utilization and performance to increase productivity, reduce costs, and ensure proper equipment utilization.
  6. Track the quality of materials by capturing real-time and historical data on material properties from load to pour so your decisions ensure quality, enhance production, and increase delivery efficiency. Fresh insights into your fresh concrete help you adjust your next production cycle at the source. You can use the data from each delivery to improve the next load before it even leaves the plant.

It’s tough managing complex construction jobs. But the right tools assure you get the job done right. Get more information on how Command Alkon’s TrackIt amps up heavy construction’s productivity with GPS truck tracking, telematics and fleet, and workforce management software.

Or, explore how Command Alkon’s COMMANDassurance integrates with telematics and fleet management systems. know how far away your materials are, AND what condition they are in before they even make it to the job.

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