What Could 5-15 Minutes Save You?

May 12, 2020 Karli Langner

Manually mixing concrete to the right consistency is no easy thing to do.

There's a plethora of things that can go wrong when trying to obtain the proper specification while in-transit to the job. You add too much water; you don’t add enough water; the mixture is at the wrong temperature – all leading to a wasted delivery and wasted cost. 

Concrete's consistency changes with time due to the amount of water, type of aggregates, evaporation of the mix, ambient conditions, admixtures, the time it takes to deliver, and more. The more manual processes thrown into the mix while in-transit, the more your materials are prone to error.

Then, consider the time spent performing manual processes once the materials have made it to their destination.

Consider the time in every delivery cycle spent in the yard or at the job site making slump adjustments and testing.  Industry averages estimate the cost of just 1 minute of delivery time to be about $1.37. Observations on hundreds of job sites indicates a 5 to 15-minute window in every delivery cycle for slump adjust time once on site. 

A single truck delivers about 600 loads/year, so the cost to adjust the load, based on 5-minute delays, equates to around $4000 per truck annually. If you have 100 trucks, that’s way over a quarter of a million dollars spend per year for a fleet to make load adjustments at the job site. 

What if you could remotely monitor the slump? 

Imagine the savings that could be received if the quality of the concrete would be guaranteed to be just right at delivery.

Arming your trucks with a probe that measures material science data, a solar panel, and a tablet for viewing the measurements could save your operation in time and dollars.

Capture information in real time on the state of your materials to ensure a consistent slump is achieved and remove the time you would spend on site performing slump tests. Your driver can quickly move on to their next job, helping your operation to ship more loads in a single day.

What could 5-15 minutes save you? Talk to someone now to find out!

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