Ultracem Transforms Their Order-to-Cash Process with COMMANDseries

December 16, 2020 Karli Langner

Before implementing a formalized dispatch ticketing system, Ultracem was scheduling their orders with the help of Excel sheets.

They quickly learned that they needed to implement a system that would streamline their operation and meet the requirements of their customers.

They adopted COMMANDseries and were able to integrate their business and commercial systems, as well as obtain a complete view of their operation. The system allows them to share data across all aspects of the enterprise in order to improve their efficiency. Now, tickets flow through to their billing and receivables systems automatically, which enables them to make more timely decisions. Ultracem is also able to integrate their COMMANDbatch plant automation systems and their COMMANDqc quality control solution with COMMANDseries.

With the help of COMMANDseries, Ultracem is able to offer a customer-adjusted schedule and ensure their trucks arrive on time to the job sites. Today, they keep record of all the indications and recommendations agreed with customers, technical or quality support commitments, time restrictions, download permits, and all other relevant information for optimal operation and customer service; and all corresponding notifications are known to dispatchers and drivers through mobile solutions.

A centralized view of the operation helps to improve asset utilization while decreasing stress on dispatchers. Deliveries arrive on time and in budget. Data is centralizing so managers can make better, more timely decisions.

How can COMMANDseries transform your order-to-cash process? Click here for more information!

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