Command Alkon Appointed by Al Naboodah Construction Group to Optimise Concrete Facility

March 5, 2019 Karli Langner

A Trouble-free Implementation Process in a Challenging Environment


Al Naboodah Construction Group (ANCG), the construction business of Al Naboodah Group Enterprises, one of the UAE’s oldest and most respected family conglomerates with a diverse portfolio of businesses, operates an onsite (ANCG) Ready Mix Concrete facility which engages in production and distribution of ready-mixed concrete to self-supply all of the Group’s many construction projects, as well as supplying to a select few outside clients. The company is based in Al Awir, in the United Arab Emirates. Command Alkon has recently successfully installed four COMMANDbatch systems and implemented the COMMANDseries distribution system at ANCG’s two concrete production locations.

The Search for A Business Partner

ANCG was predominantly looking for new batching systems and Jason Gregory, Operations Manager for ANCG, was given the task of searching for a solution with the best possible options. Besides their incumbent provider and a local supplier, he looked for an industry specific specialist. Jason had been acquainted with Command Alkon some 20+ years ago in the UK, and had successfully worked with their systems at many different locations. For him, Command Alkon was an obvious third option to add to their shortlist.

During the selection process a new group ERP was introduced into the mix.  All  businesses of

ANCG had to be integrated within this new ERP system. This meant that the new batching systems had to integrate with this software, seamlessly.

Command Alkon has a full range of solutions specially developed for the Construction Materials Industry. Its COMMANDseries product is a ‘Quote-to-Cash’ solution, which handles everything from quotations, sales order processing, distribution and scheduling right through to invoicing and accounts receivables. However; it is also modular, and can be adapted to specific requirements, with a variety of integration points. Choosing Command Alkon was a logical step towards a closed loop solution.

Jason Gregory comments: “Command Alkon not only provides products, they are our business partner who understands what our challenges are and how they can support our business with their industry knowledge and specific solutions. They have proven themselves to be very committed and deliver amazing support.” 


Jason Gregory: “It was a trouble-free implementation process from start-to-finish, in a more than challenging environment.”

The business environment ANCG works in is challenging, due to the continuous high demand for concrete. However, the four COMMANDbatch installations went extremely well. So well, in fact, that all four plants were converted, back-to-back, within fifteen days, which was an improvement on the original plan. Within ten weeks the full implementation of COMMANDseries was also complete. The Command Alkon Project Team helped every step of the way at many levels of the business. They provided the right skillsets and were completely customer-focused, which made the implementation very smooth, and put the ANCG team at ease, leading to a seamless transition.


  • The solutions provided have significantly improved productivity, by cutting out dispatch “dead time”.
  • Production has increased with streamlined activity.
  • COMMANDseries has revolutionised the way they plan orders.
  • The batch operators, dispatchers and production supervisors are all delighted and have fully bought into the project.

Looking Towards the Future

For the current Command Alkon products, ANCG employees will receive full in-depth training so that the users can utilise the solutions in their full capacity.

Command Alkon is working together with Al Naboodah Construction Group to explore the possibilities of optimising their business even further. They have already purchased the additional ‘Cash Sales’ module and are also looking at other solutions Command Alkon can offer; such as COMMANDqc, a solution for their laboratory/quality control.

Jason Gregory states: “We started a true long-term business relationship. We don’t just have a new product, but a genuine solution for our specific business which we’ll keep developing together.”  

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