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October 25, 2018 Karli Langner

The exponential growth of big data has had a profound effect on the Heavy Building Materials industry.

The correct use and analysis of the vast amount of data available to a business has the potential to transform supply chains as we know them, but also the power to disrupt.

Without the appropriate tools and expertise to manage large amounts of data, organizations can become overwhelmed and unable to gain valuable insights, causing issues across the supply chain and wider business functions.

Day Aggregates

Day Aggregates, a division of Day Group Ltd., is a family-owned company that has been in operations for over 70 years. They handle over five million tons of construction material each year, and are one of the leading bagged aggregate suppliers in the UK. They also provide decorative aggregates for householders, soil for gardeners, post-crete, cold lay asphalt, and other pre-packed items such as these.

Day Aggregates needed guidance for their dispatch operations. They had outdated technology that was hugely limited, and they needed more insight-rich data to help them make better dispatch decisions.

They hired a consultant to find a software company, but unfortunately, did not have much luck in finding what they needed. It’s the instinct of a hero to go on a quest to seek answers when they are needed. Occasionally, they find that if they are patient, the answer comes directly to them.

At the time, now CEO of Command Alkon, Phil Ramsey, was a sales representative for Command Data before the company merged with Alkon. He came to Europe on a family trip, and as fate would have it, helped Day Aggregates discover the business systems that worked best for them: COMMANDseries.

The COMMANDaggregate feature in COMMANDseries is still used throughout Europe, and has improved Day Aggregates business processes tremendously.

With Command Alkon, Day Aggregates gained visibility at each of their sites and better communication within their staff.

“Long-term success has been made possible by Command Alkon. We wouldn’t have been able to build our business up in the way that we have without the useful information that these products deliver.” Dominic Day, Director at Day Aggregates

Day Aggregates has 20 sites now that operate using COMMANDseries. The company is growing and aspires to continue to be more effective, productive, and to deliver high-quality materials to their valued customers.

“COMMANDaggregate and COMMANDseries have made us more profitable and helped to make more informed decisions. We can work smarter, rather than continuously trying to work harder.”

In the future, Day Aggregates hopes to integrate more solutions to continue to amplify their operations; which is more than okay with Command Alkon. We love to guide our heroes in their pursuit of a better world.

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