How Does Speeding Up the Order-to-Cash Process Help Your Business?

Order to cash covers the entire process of ordering products from end-to-end. It encompasses procurement, invoicing, and settlement processes. By shortening the timeline between order and payment, you will speed up cash flow, lower costs, and improve customer service. To shorten the timeline, companies need to remove manual processes, such as re-keying orders into an ERP system or ordering system.

Taking a quote that has been created in a quote system and then re-keying the quote into an order entry system as an order is a waste of time. If you could create a quote that could automatically be processed into an order, which could then automatically create an invoice upon shipment and then monitor and record the receipt of funds. Think of all the time savings! Using automated processes helps to remove fulfillment errors due to entry errors, poor handwriting, and more.

With COMMANDseries, you get quote-to-cash integration and a complete view of your operation, allowing you to share data across all aspects of the enterprise for improved efficiencies. Tickets flow through to billing and receivables so that you can make more timely decisions. The software integrates with other Command Alkon solutions for batching, quality control, in-cab telematics, mobility, enterprise content management, and business intelligence.

Command Alkon’s Integra solution helps small to medium size ready mix producers with quote, order, ticket, deliver, and bill functionality for ready mix concrete businesses. The Integra suite of modules integrates processes from end to end, including order entry, dynamic scheduling, ticketing, truck tracking, resource management, and reporting.

Command Alkon’s Apex suite of products manages business processes for aggregates, asphalt, and cement. It streamlines the check-in, loading, and ticketing of trucks while connecting your sales, office and dispatch operations to improve efficiencies. When you combine the Apex ticketing, rail, and vehicle/order dispatch modules with a full range of tools for quoting, billing, reporting, performance analysis, and transportation management, you speed the order-to-cash process.

When you speed up the order-to-cash process, you get paid quicker, improving cash flow. When you automate the order-to-cash process, you reduce the number of order submission delays caused by paper processes and errors from hand-entering invoices and payments. By automating this process, you can tap into key business metrics from data collected. You can also confirm inventory levels by connecting with ERP systems.

With electronic order entry, orders are transmitted immediately and customers will receive an automated order confirmation along with shipping notices. Shortening the order-to-cash process streamlines the processing, invoicing, and collecting of payments, helping you to reduce costs and improve customer service. You can also improve the ability to resolve disputes quicker with better visibility into order-to-cash processes.

The bottom line when you speed your order-to-cash processes, you improve cash flow which leads to greater profitability for your business.

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