Significant Growth in Spanish Construction Industry Results in A New COMMANDbatch Dealer

Helping to Deliver Quality to Spanish Producers Through An Unmatched Batching Solution

It's no secret that COMMANDbatch is the world’s leading automatic batching system. With more than 10,000 concrete plants in operation, Command Alkon is definitely positioned as a leader in the market. We’re pleased to announce a representation agreement with another leading company in Spain in the area of industrial control, Automatismos Lorenzo.

"The accuracy and versatility of our COMMANDbatch product, combined with Automatismos Lorenzo’s experience in the Spanish market, will provide a solution that has never been offered to concrete producers in Spain in the past," commented Gustavo Vargas, Vice President of Command Alkon for Europe.

Through this agreement, Automatismos Lorenzo will be the exclusive representative for sales, installation, and support of COMMANDbatch in Spain.

"Our experience in the sector of the automation of concrete and prefabricated plants, as well as with other national and international systems manufacturers has given us the vision of betting on a leading product worldwide and that will cover production expectations of our customers," commented José Antonio Lorenzo, General Manager of Automatismos Lorenzo.

Not familiar with the speed and accuracy of our COMMANDbatch solution? Read up here.

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