Does your cloud solution check all of these boxes?

There's quite the buzz around cloud-native technology, and rightfully so. In the cloud, both material producers and suppliers can expect scalability, accelerated innovation, and much more. But for any organization to fully reap the rewards of operating in the cloud, we believe these are five product must-haves you'll want on your side. 

1. A quick and simple setup

Right off the bat with implementation, cloud-native solutions hurdle past prolonged installation periods and don't require a closet full of hardware. Instead of of dedicating their IT professionals to keep on-premise infrastructure up and running, ready mix, aggregate, and asphalt teams are taking advantage of how cloud-native solutions run virtually on a single serverless platform (like those of Amazon Web Services). 

2. API: Awesome Plant Integration 

APIs, which actually stands for Application Programming Interfaces, make integration with ERP, quality control, telematics, batching, and BI software all possible. Designing solutions as API-friendly has opened the door to synchronize all aspects of an operation. API-first frameworks are sure signs of seamless data sharing between one tool and another, keeping your whole team on the same page.

Supporting three growing industries, the Command Cloud platform was built to deliver unified standards across implementation, integration, security, availability, and employee empowerment.

3. Inherently unified cybersecurity 

Systems with tiered cybersecurity defenses have multiple barriers that stand in the way of attackers — if they successfully break through one, they still stand against the rest. In traditional, on-premise networks, cybersecurity defenses can be inconsistent and can vary depending on geography and age of the network. 

Cloud architectures are homogeneous, allowing for not only a unified tiered defense, but continuous logging and monitoring, too. And don't forget — routine infrastructure patching is most often entirely handled by a cloud provider so that customers can focus on their operations. 

Looking into a technology provider's cybersecurity frameworks and certifications can also give a sense of how committed they are to keeping your operation safe. To start, we recommend providers who've invested in the NIST Framework

4. Available anywhere with internet access

Even on your mobile device! Sorry — got a little loud there. We're just fans of getting data from anywhere

5. Empowerment for everyone

Simple, intuitive user experiences can have a direct impact on staff retention and growth. 

When cloud-native solutions are built to support teams all around the world, navigation becomes universal. Plus, we can better welcome industry newcomers as they adapt alongside modern tools.

Read here how our UX team designs simpler experiences so that anyone can jump right in without painfully studying an extra system. 

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