Ohio Ready Mix Enables Full Visibility in the Ready Mix Delivery Cycle

Ohio Ready Mix is a family-owned company that was founded in 1968. The operation began with Duff Quarry, a limestone company, and then they quickly extended their services to ready mix concrete. 

Earlier in the year, Ohio Ready Mix began piloting Delivery Cycle Monitoring (DCM), a new feature of TrackIt. The pilot lasted 4-6 weeks before they made the decision to implement it in all of their trucks. The DCM feature automatically captures timestamps for Begin Pour, End Pour, Loading, Loaded, and Wash status to the TrackIt Cloud, informing dispatchers of every stage in the delivery cycle and helping them to better plan for upcoming orders.

Knowing that my trucks are at the begin pour status or the end pour status lets me know whether or not I can assign trucks to different plants and dispatch them. It has been a huge help for us, and it has helped me to understand the efficiency of my drivers.” - Jeremy Sloan, Vice President of Operations at Ohio Ready Mix

The installation process for DCM is simplistic and requires minimal hardware.

System Hardware includes:

  • Sensor Assembly (containing both speed and rotation sensors) and Bracket, mounted on drum motor housing
  • 3 (4) Drum Sensing Magnets mounted on drum flange, close to drum motor housing
  • Bluetooth enabled Sensor Link mounted on the rear of cab interior, adapts sensor signals for transmission to TrackIt Cloud
  • Sensor Link Power Cable
  • Sensor Assembly to Sensor Link Cable – varying cable lengths for front or rear discharge trucks
  • Sensor Link to Water Flow Meter Cable (meter not included)

An optional water-add meter sensor captures water being added to the concrete after leaving the plant and displays how much water can be added without going over on the tablet in the cab. Since Ohio Ready Mix uses COMMANDbatch, the DCM feature in the TrackIt system can generate a historical report of water volume added and W/C ratio on a load by load basis so that the batch can be adjusted on the front-end.

The water-add meter sensor has helped us from a quality perspective because it helps us determine if our issues stem from internal processes, whether we have a mix design issue or if the moisture is off at the plant, whether something is wrong with our processor or ingredients, or if it was an issue that stemmed from jobsite personnel.”

Dispatchers and drivers are central to the entire operation. Making their work more efficient can reap many benefits across the organization and provide a better experience for customers. For more information on how TrackIt and the Delivery Cycle Monitoring functionality can take your hauling operations to the next level, visit www.commandalkon.com/gettrackit.

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