Command Alkon Transforms Service and Support Functions to Deliver Efficient, Engaging, and Customer-Centric Operations

Company Announces New Customer Operations Organization Comprised of Customer Success, Implementation Services, Support Services, Advisory Team, and Customer Education Team

Command Alkon, the leading software and solutions provider bringing together technology and people for the heavy building industry, announces new Customer Operations organization focused on improving customer outcomes, delivering exceptional experiences, and simplifying operations.

Staying consistent with Command Alkon’s corporate strategy announced earlier this year, the company has made advancements in aligning team, product, and services to deliver world-class experiences. The Professional Services group has implemented new processes and stayed laser-focused on customer outcomes. The Customer Success team has been focused on adoption playbooks and has been working closely with customers to determine the root cause of their challenges and how to solve them. The Support Services team has published a support guide and has implemented a “Plant Down” option for support escalation, and the new Service Transformation team has brought Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement methodologies and tools to Command Alkon and our customers.

“We have a lot of progress to point to as we have evolved over the past year, and we want to continue to build on those successes to infuse a culture of customer-centricity in our operations,” said Martin Willoughby, Chief Executive Officer at Command Alkon. “We want to be a company that delivers the best service in the industry to our customers on a global scale, and to do that, we have to fully optimize our processes and stay focused on customer outcomes. I am thrilled to announce that our next step in achieving this is to combine Professional Services, Support Services, and Customer Success into one Customer Operations team, which will be led by Brett Bertz as our Chief Customer Officer.”

“I’m humbled and very grateful for the opportunity to lead the Customer Operations team forward,” said Brett Bertz, Chief Customer Officer. “To be successful, there are three key initiatives that we must take going forward. We must elevate the customer experience; improve customer outcomes – both tactical and strategic – and we must leverage the knowledge of our experts. Success requires expertise from our people – expertise on our products, the operations of our customers, and the needs of the industry. We are focused on being intentional with career planning and development paths for the team so that our people’s expertise can have a bigger impact on our company and our customers.”

The team is progressing in three waves: the first wave is bringing the team together; the second wave is centered around focus – focus on mapping the customer journey and empowering team members to master their craft along this journey; the third and final wave is delivering on these promises, ultimately improving experiences for customers.

The Implementation Services team will be focused on the planning, design, and implementation of products to target business outcomes. The Support Organization will continue to focus on enhancing service levels and agility in resolving customer cases and problem management.  Customer Success will play a key role in each stage of the customer’s journey, with an initial focus on overall customer health.  Our Service Transformation team will lay the groundwork for a continuous improvement culture within Customer Operations as we constantly raise the bar of operational excellence.

The organization will build two additional teams to add greater value to the customer experience.  The first is the Customer Outcomes Advisory team, whose focus will be excellence in adoption and ongoing optimization to ensure customers are getting the most value out of their Command Alkon solutions and creating efficient processes around these solutions.

The second team will be dedicated to Customer Learning.  “Command Alkon’s NorthStar has always been to solve for the customer,” added Bertz. “Customers want quality and convenience, and to be able to understand how to use and maintain products as quickly and efficiently as possible. Customer education is ideal for meeting these expectations, and we are fervently mapping out the strategy to build this team out.”

For more information about Command Alkon, visit the website.

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