Command Alkon and Dividia Technologies Introduce Scale Watcher Cloud

January 31, 2023 Press Releases

Identify Plant Bottlenecks and Address Time-in-Plant Complaints with Data at Your Fingertips 

Command Alkon, in partnership with Dividia Technologies, is pleased to offer Scale Watcher Cloud to extend plant site data from on-prem systems to a web-based user interface that can be accessed in real time, from anywhere.      

Scale Watcher provides photo and video verification of a truck’s weighing process, providing proof of vehicle pickup without signatures. An optional Gate/Valve anti-theft module alerts authorized personnel of potential theft of materials.  

With Scale Watcher Cloud, on-prem data is shifted to a web-based portal providing visual displays of important site events that is updated in real time, enabling Plant Managers to identify and fix bottlenecks. The License Plate Recognition cameras can be used to track arrival time and departure time for every truck, while the Performance Dashboard can drill down to determine cycle issues with Carriers, specific Truck Drivers, or plant resources or processes. 

“Historically, real data points on the full plant cycle time have been non-existent, or extremely difficult to acquire,” said Scott Dugan, Global Product Manager, VP at Command Alkon. “Scale Watcher can deliver that visibility.” 

Management and Sales personnel can respond to time-in-plant complaints with real data and photos, and can easily create and send PDFs to customers while on-the-go. 

“It’s eye-opening to see everything in real time and to be able to break down different parts of the cycle,” said Chad Price, Distribution Supervisor at Martin Marietta. “Scale Watcher Cloud has saved me a lot of time with reporting.” 

Scale Watcher Cloud is readily available and can be purchased as a standalone solution. 

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