Command Alkon and BASYS Join Forces to Bring Payment Processing to Apex 7.8

March 15, 2024 Press Releases

Collaboration Will Streamline Payment Processing and Simplify Reconciliation 

Command Alkon, the leading software and solutions provider for the heavy building materials industry, is pleased to partner with BASYS Processing, a premier payment processing provider, to offer a comprehensive integrated solution for payment processing with Apex 7.8, empowering users with a range of transaction types and advanced features. With the ability to perform direct sales, authorizations and captures, voiding and refunds, and credit issuances, Apex 7.8 provides a versatile and efficient platform for managing payment transactions.  

"We are thrilled to partner with BASYS to bring integrated payment processing capabilities to Apex 7.8," said Susan Whetstone, Product Owner at Command Alkon. "This collaboration aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing innovative solutions that optimize efficiency and enhance the overall experience for our customers." 

Security is a top priority, and Command Alkon has ensured that payment data is never stored within Apex. All transactions are processed through the embedded BASYS Tokenizer, utilizing full encryption in accordance with PCI standards. Additionally, BASYS Gateway vault, a PCI certified storage solution, provides an additional layer of protection for sensitive customer information. One of the key advantages of this new offering is the elimination of hardware and terminals traditionally required for payment processing. Users can now process transactions securely and conveniently directly within Apex 7.8, without the need for additional physical equipment. By eliminating the need for costly payment terminals, companies can reduce hardware expenses and save significant amounts of money over time while enhancing the overall security of credit card data. 

The collaboration between Command Alkon and BASYS also offers robust reporting and reconciliation capabilities. Apex 7.8 provides comprehensive reconciliation reporting, allowing users to easily track and manage payment transactions. For more advanced reconciliation needs, BASYS IQ Pro offers additional tools and insights to streamline financial processes. 

One of the key benefits of this partnership is faster fund settlement. In most cases, BASYS Processing provides settlement funding within one business day, allowing businesses to access funds more quickly and efficiently. This expedited turnaround time significantly improves cash flow and enhances operational efficiency for aggregates and asphalt suppliers. Additionally, BASYS Processing offers highly competitive rates for card processing, resulting in increased revenue for businesses, especially those with large transaction volumes. 

The Apex Credit Card processing module also simplifies the cash reconciliation process, providing businesses with greater visibility into their payment collection. With the Cash Reconciliation module in Apex, accounting departments can easily view all cash and credit card transactions by location. Combined with access to BASYS IQ Pro, businesses can verify transactions and ensure efficient settlement. By accepting credit cards, companies can also guarantee customer payment, thereby reducing material write-offs and eliminating the need for cash and check handling. This streamlines operations and allows weighmasters and scale house operators to focus on their core responsibilities, such as ticketing and ensuring a smooth customer experience. 

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