How to make the most out of remote batching

You can’t be in two places at once. But when it comes to batching concrete remotely, it sure feels like you can.

Plant productivity is the bottom line. The less idle time, the more a plant can produce. But hold on — how many times have you seen an order of concrete come through that could’ve been batched at your closest plant? How many times have you not been able to use that plant because it’s closed?

Even though it sounds simple, the decision to keep lower production plants in operation can put companies in a bind.

Although an order may be closer to a low production plant, keeping that plant’s lights on still comes at a cost. And staffing a plant that doesn’t see much action could mean less resources available for more productive plants.

The benefits of remote batching stretch wide. To start, it frees up this cost-eating staffing dilemma. Overtime is greatly reduced when employees can perform at busier plants instead of inactive ones. And with access to real-time data, remote functionality delivers valuable production reporting on key information like order entry, ticket dispatching, mix designs, and inventory. Cloud-enabled access to this reporting also prevents plant managers from having to calculate everything manually.

Here's where the afterburners kick in

Although a remote batching installation requires plant down time, Command Alkon minimizes a plant’s inactivity from weeks to less than a day. This quick and sturdy setup lets the production of remote batching launch immediately. Installation isn’t the only time a plant needs responsive service, though. If you’re unable to reach a service technician the morning of a hiccup, the speed at which you’re batching becomes irrelevant.

It doesn’t matter how long ago a point of sale was. Reinstating our “Plant Down” phone option for emergency situations and amplifying customer voices with extensive surveys are just a couple ways we can help ensure your remote batching stays ready-to-go.

With great power comes great responsibility

The rich cost-savings of remote batching shine the most when proper safety procedures are baked into your system. Without physically being at a plant, operators need to know that when they’re tapping in remotely, they’re batching with the same level of safety assurance as any in-person batch. That’s why COMMANDbatch includes Driver Authorization boxes to all Remote Batch systems. Buttons on these boxes authorize or hold a batch so that remote operators can safely confirm nothing is in the way of creating that batch.

Learn more about remote batching and more cost-saving benefits of COMMANDbatch here.

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