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In the construction world, getting materials where they need to be and at the right time is crucial to the success of a job. Trading partners that conduct business through a collaboration platform have visibility from end-to-end, helping them to quickly react to demand, deter risks from missed deliveries, and speed up fulfillment. Through one portal, participants can be plugged in at all times, from anywhere.

Networks, platforms, people, and digital technology are essentially blurring the lines between physical and digital spheres, causing a tremendous societal change in the last decade. The sharing and collaboration practices of the Internet is present in our everyday lives  – Uber (disrupting the taxi industry), Netflix (waging a war with the movie industry), and AirBnb (giving the hotel market a run for its money). These purely digital companies have short-circuited the slow and inefficient processes used by traditional companies and have provided more convenient and efficient services for customers. They have taken advantage of the opportunity to build a community through a platform approach.

Building community on cloud-based solutions allows trading partners to connect and exchange information from one single source, providing a deeper understanding of what is happening within the supply chain. When more members are added to the community, the value of the platform and each connected business’ operations increases.

One fully integrated collaboration platform provides information to all platform community members, regardless of role—from production all the way through fulfillment. Cloud connectivity enables the collection and standardization of information across the entire supply chain in real time, allowing trading partners to interact and work together to rapidly adjust to change, eliminate tedious paper processes and the volume of calls made each day, improve invoice reconciliation, and strengthen their relationships with one another!

Connecting to a collaboration platform allows businesses within the heavy construction industry to harness problem-solving energies and gain insights into every aspect of their supply chain. Companies can simplify data and analytics across their trading partners and streamline operations for greater efficiency and productivity.

With Command Alkon’s CONNEX Platform, you can break down silos and work with supply chain partners outside of your own four walls. Building your community of trading partners on the platform drives value for all participants, including:

  • Stay in the Know: Automate manual tasks and remove inefficiencies and outdated methods for tracking materials and truck assets. Exchange real-time ticket information to understand how materials and manpower are moving, placed, and working.
  • Actionable intelligence: Dashboards can help identify issues in the order or quality of the product quickly.
  • Improved compliance: Secured electronic communications, as well as customized data sharing rules, drive greater compliance with orders delivered correctly and on time.
  • Efficient onboarding: Multiple integration options ensure participation for all valued suppliers. The onboarding process is extremely simple, and experts are available 24/7 to help.
  • Fast time-to-value: Achieve value quickly through efficient onboarding and quick deployment. The user-friendly interface encourages broad adoption by internal teams and external trading partners.

Want to learn how you can get started building your community of supply chain partners on the CONNEX Platform? Visit for more information on how to get on board, and for success stories from the industry!

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