Grow Your Business and Improve Customer Service Through Visibility

One of the greatest friction points during the delivery process is having customers call wondering where their driver is and when their order will arrive. Not having all of the answers can be frustrating, and create conflict between you and your valued customer. Having full visibility over driver fleets–all drivers, where they are at any given time, and most importantly knowing when they will return back to “home base” is crucial.

OSCO Concrete

Ocean Steel & Construction has been in operation since 1955, with operations in ready mix concrete, aggregates, and construction materials. Their commitment to their customers and the quality of their products is a big reason why they have been in business for over 60 years. Over the years, OSCO has implemented several innovations from Command Alkon’s product suite to maximize results and enhance their relationships with their customers.

One of their biggest challenges was knowing where their trucks were and when they could expect them back. They were unable to tell their customers with any degree of accuracy when they could expect a truck. 

TrackIt was the answer to OSCO’s problem. Truck tracking and in-cab telematics provided visibility into their trucks and enabled them to plan more efficiently and be more accurate when speaking with their customers. 

 “This allowed us to schedule our work load and accurately predict when a truck would arrive on a job site or return to the plant.  It gave us the necessary tools to plan our day ahead instead of flying by the seat of our pants. It more than paid for itself within the first year of use.” -Tracy Dobson, Operations/Dispatch Manager for OSCO Concrete

OSCO is currently in the process of purchasing MOBILEsales, which will give their sales team the ability to create and manage quotes quickly from any location. This technology can be seamlessly integrated with OSCO’s dispatch system to increase accuracy and reduce duplication of data entry. OSCO is looking forward to implementation and the increased visibility to sales activities and consolidated reporting features that this technology provides.

Be sure to follow OSCO Concrete to learn more about their journey to maximize efficiencies in their business operations.

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