Foundations of a Touchless Supply Chain

Get it Right the First Time

Many companies are implementing digital technologies to enable process automation enterprise-wide and provide the ability to manage by exception. This makes supply chains virtually “touchless,” lifting burdens and liberating operations from mundane, repetitive tasks. Keeping human interaction out of the equation also reduces the potential for errors and delays in the transmission of information.

Can I Get a Connection?

Devices and objects with built-in sensors are connected to an IoT platform, which integrates data from all of the different devices and applies analytics to share the most valuable information with applications that have been built to address specific needs. These powerful IoT platforms can pinpoint which information or data is useful, which can then be used to detect patterns and problems before they occur.

Changing the Game of Supply Chain Automation

Machine learning capabilities help predict what’s coming next instead of only knowing and having visibility of what is current and dynamically adjusting to it. This also helps to predict more and more of what might happen. Capitalize on your historical demand data, increase forecasting accuracy, and fine-tune your operations over time.

Who, What, and Why?

It’s crucial that perishable materials make it to the jobsite in a timely manner, and this kind of urgency can make customers constantly worry about the supply chain behind their purchases. The ability to track materials in real time provides a constant view into the status of the order, offering total visibility and transparency. Real-time and historical visibility delivers greater control over your fleet and the ability to better coordinate resources. This means you can achieve real and measurable business and operational benefits as a result of reduced costs, increased productivity, and improved customer service.

Boosting Productivity on the Jobsite

With digital ticket data flowing seamlessly from suppliers to contractors and owners, the jobsite stays in sync. Solutions that take information found on paper tickets and capture it digitally lets buyers see ticket data in real time, throughout the ticket’s life cycle. Digitized documentation keeps boots on the ground in the field instead of chasing paper tickets. Solutions like these can deploy notifications for when a load is on the way, allow the user to view records of load status times, and automatically match incoming delivery tickets with hauler pay sheets and invoices.

Arm Yourself During Supply Chain Disruptions

No matter how awesome of a plan you’ve implemented for your company’s supply chain, we live in the real world; and, in the “real world,” we are ruled by the forces of chance and coincidence. Utilizing sensors, creating networks, automating anything, and analyzing everything significantly improves performance, customer satisfaction, and can help maintain business operations during times of crisis.

Eliminating manual processes and human interaction not only boosts productivity, but in some circumstances, it can be detrimental to staying healthy and safe on the jobsite. To support a safe and “touchless” supply chain during the COVID-19 crisis, Command Alkon has deployed an eTicketing Essentials offering to help eliminate paper handling of heavy materials tickets while reducing person-to-person interaction at the plant, quarry, and on the jobsite. 

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