COMMANDbatch Around the World: Chaney Enterprises, USA

February 22, 2021 Karli Langner

Over the years, Chaney Enterprises has expanded to 27 ready mix plants, 8 sand and gravel locations, and a stone quarry rail in their Waldorf yard.

They are moving materials through the mid-Atlantic region via dump trucks, rail, and barges on the water from Delaware to as far south as Norfolk, Virginia Beach and as far north as Philadelphia.

They’ve consolidated and acquired a few different companies throughout their years, and in 1998 they were running Eagle Batch Systems at nearly every location. In 2012, they started to upgrade to COMMANDbatch at all of their locations.

The upgrade modernized the batch system speeding up the batch process and making it much easier to make changes or adjust the mix designs. With any new system, there will always be some push back from employees.

There was a slight reluctance towards the installations from some veterans in the company who have been running their plant locations with one system for many years; but after the upgrade, they realized that the system is very user-friendly, and they wouldn’t go back to their old ways of doing things. 

Chaney installed the Precision Water System (PWS) at their Jessup location. This tool can adjust the amount of water in loads based upon the water content within the raw materials.  This helped reduce rejected loads, save time in the yard, and minimize on-job time.

Everyone knows that you can put water in the truck, but you can't take water out. Batch personnel across the industry tend to lean on the dry side of loading trucks, which can be a time waster at the yard while the driver is trying to adjust the water in the load to get the slump where it needs to be. The PWS system helps dial in the water required to achieve the batch slump target the first time.

“The additional probes help you pinpoint and narrow down moisture much better than a standard one system probe and sand bin,” said Jeffrey Slagle, Concrete Operations Officer at Chaney Enterprises. “We’re able to batch more accurately because we can better gauge the amount of moisture in our aggregates.”

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