What Kind of Insights Can You Gain on Your Construction Processes?

When The CONNEX Platform first launched, we introduced the four layers that comprise it.

The first layer (Physical Layer) is where products and devices generate data at key points throughout the supply chain. The second layer (Connectivity Layer) supports sending and receiving data in electronic format without human intervention. The third layer (Process Layer) enables frictionless inter-company supply chain interactions with trading partners. The fourth layer of the CONNEX platform is the Insights Layer, which takes the collected data and makes it timely and actionable.

The CONNEX Insights layer leverages network-based intelligence and analytics to optimize processes and gain efficiencies. By having a single source of information shareable among trading partners, businesses can achieve deeper understanding of what is happening within their own supply chain or their partner’s supply chain.

What kind of insights can you gain on your construction processes?

  • Accurate job backlog compared with new orders so that decisions can be made on which jobs need to be moved around and which to push forward.
  • Historical analysis lets you know which jobs are more profitable than others, so your sales team can focus on acquiring similar jobs.  
  • Utilize performance analysis of different truck fleets to see which has the better on-time performance, which adhere to delivery schedules, and which comply with Hours of Service, so that you are using the best qualified carrier fleets for you business.
  • Determine optimal routes to/from plants and/or around the jobsite by analyzing speed and performance of one route over another. You can improve loading and unloading times by analyzing the number of workers you need.
  • Identify gaps in the supply chain and determine areas where there is room for improvement. Having a single version of the truth, each company on the CONNEX platform can unlock bottlenecks in their supply chains to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • IoT devices can monitor vehicles, equipment, material utilization, and more to keep projects on track.
  • Operational data from work processes can help determine what work processes have been followed strictly and which have been ignored. This helps to monitor efficiencies of operations, along with customer service levels and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Data from back-office systems combined with third-party application information, telematics data, and/or project reports enriches the true story of what Is happening on the jobsite. 

CONNEX enables data to be enriched into actionable information and applied in Command Alkon software or presented in partner solutions.

The CONNEX platform allows companies to simplify data and analytics across their trading partners, and streamline operations for greater efficiency and productivity, which helps to deliver value to customers. 

Knowing you need more visibility in your supply chain but not knowing where to start is crippling. What insights are you itching for access to? Talk to someone today about how to clear the cloudiness in you and your trading partners' operations with insights via the cloud. 

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