Ready to Take Your Dispatch Operations to the Cloud?

The ready mix industry is a mobile industry, so being able to complete tasks on-the-go is becoming a major competitive advantage; this is why leading ready mix producers are turning to cloud-enabled dispatching solutions. Having information about tickets from anywhere eliminates communication delays in any part of the communication chain, and employees can handle day-to-day responsibilities from their smart phones or tablets because of remote access features.

Cloud-based dispatch solutions enable multiple entities to work with one another, therefore, the previously existing digital boundaries between rapid communication and order fulfillment become nonexistent.

One Version of Truth

Data in the cloud can be combined, analyzed, and shared, making the data more useful. One of the most critical key success factors within a construction project is cost and time management. Cloud-based tools are designed to increase productivity levels and create unprecedented results across project performance, schedule, and workforce management. When connected to a cloud-based network, field personnel and dispatch are operating with one single version of the truth.

Data security and privacy protection are the two main factors of user's concerns about cloud technology. Data stored in the cloud is typically encrypted, and anyone wanting to access that data needs to have the digital key. Cloud-based collaboration solutions allow the different stakeholders in a construction project to easily exchange information and conduct business with each other, but only if they are given access to the data. Any employee or customer with access can receive an up-to-date status of tickets from anywhere and at any time.

 Pay As You Go

Making the shift to a cloud-based system can greatly reduce operational costs because there’s no need to invest in a large IT infrastructure. Cloud products cost significantly less than building your own in-house server from the ground up, and subscription pricing eliminates upfront capital expenditures and allows access to the latest, higher value features without having to go through an upgrade or manage servers. With dispatch in the cloud, you only pay for what you need, and you don’t have to purchase new hardware to host the application. The ability to pay as you go provides a clear idea of what costs will be like and allows for accurate budgeting.

Updates and Integrations Are a Breeze

Dispatch solutions powered by the cloud are hosted and maintained by vendors, eliminating the need to have a large technology staff to keep systems up-to-date and working at optimal performance. Cloud service providers keep servers running so the system is always available and little loss of work productivity will occur. APIs also enable multiple solutions to speak with one another with ease.

Ease of Support

When operating with cloud solutions, service providers have a better understanding of how the system is being used and customer success teams can provide a more proactive approach to any occurring issues.

Command Alkon Dispatch

Command Alkon is enabling cloud-based dispatch for ready mix. Integrations with other systems simplify the dispatcher’s experience because they can operate with one app instead of flipping between solutions. Drivers don’t have to pull off onto the side of the road to pull up a VPN for access to their dispatching solution. With cloud-based dispatch, they can easily log into the dispatching solution either from a mobile app or from the web. Other areas of the business – Sales, QC, Operations, and Production – have the ability to also plug into what’s going on in dispatch.

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