Coaching for Results

Martin Willoughby

Coaching for Results

No one grows as a leader without the support of other people. In a professional environment, colleagues can coach and empower one another to achieve their goals and expand their skillsets, enrich one another personally and professionally, and ultimately positively impact the organization.

Coaching is both a learned art from experience and a disciplined science from education. In his 1992 book Coaching for Performance, Sir John Whitmore introduced a coaching model universally known and acknowledged as the “most popular” coaching model globally, called the GROW model.

The GROW model can be used for decision making, problem solving, performance issues, development planning, brainstorming and action planning, performance assessment and success recognition, and challenges with colleagues and customers.

This model works to empower individuals to become better teammates and by defining the Goal, Reality, Options, and What’s Next.

GROWing Effective Change

In the acronym GROW, the G stands for GOAL. It’s important to understand where the individual aspires to be. Defining the goal or outcome will provide clarity in knowing when the particular goal is achieved.

The R stands for REALITY. Realistically, how far away is the individual from achieving the goals they set for themselves? How many steps do they need to take to reach their goal? Determining the reality also helps to assess their perception of the situation.

O stands for OPTIONS. What are the options that we have to continue forging on towards our goals? What are the obstacles and what are some possible actions for getting around them?

W – WHAT’S NEXT? Work with one another to provide clear actions to achieve the goals. This also helps to identify who is responsible for what steps and how to follow up with coaching until the goals have been accomplished.

Driving Individual, and Ultimately Corporate Success

Pete Carrol, Head Coach for the Seattle Seahawks maintains that “Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen.” I want to encourage you to act as a coach with your colleagues and help them to develop and grow, using the GROW methodology.

Focus on your relationship and really listening to understand what their end-game is, and work together to help them to realize how to make it there. Doing so will not only ensure the success of that individual but will help our organization to become more successful.

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