Adaptation is Survival; Adoption is Innovation

If a business is unable to embrace and adapt to a new way of doing things, chances are it will lose its most valuable employees, its reputation in the industry and its most loyal customers. The more adaptable an organization, the more relevant and advanced it is, and the more resilient it becomes in the face of competition. This industry hero is a trailblazer in the industry. They understand the importance of new technology and they not only adapt to it–they take advantage of these opportunities.

Quality Concrete Inc.

Quality Concrete Inc. has been in business in what is now the Halifax Regional Municipality since 1958. They have grown from a small bag plant in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, to a company that operates 12 plants with a fleet of over 100 mixer trucks complimented by 15 concrete pumps. They are proud to offer superior quality and service to their customers in mainland Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island and New Brunswick.

With nearly 60 years in the industry, the company has undergone a substantial amount of growth. The desire to constantly evolve and enhance their lines of business is a major reason Quality Concrete is a leader in the industry–both in technology and sales. Quality Concrete is not afraid of transforming their business process; in fact, they embrace these opportunities. When an innovation becomes available, they are very quick to adapt.

Command Alkon and Quality Concrete have had a great relationship for nearly 30 years. Their early adoption to technology solutions has differentiated them from their competitors. They utilize a range of Command products, including COMMANDseries and COMMANDqc.

For years, COMMANDseries has maximized the efficiency of their dispatch operations by providing visibility of their trucks on a job and allowing them to make better decisions. Quality Concrete is now operating 17 ready mix plants and 4 quarries with COMMANDseries; as well as over 150 trucks, along with the pumps.

“The information gives us the ability to pool the trucks and understand their status in a particular job. In many cases, this allows us to reduce our fleet by 25% on any given day.” -Kevin Nickerson, Manager, Quality Concrete Limited

Monitoring the quality of your fresh concrete can be very complex and requires information from multiple sources to be consolidated into concise and meaningful reports and submittals. Quality Concrete utilizes COMMANDqc to manage this information to reduce problems and improve profitability. If there is an issue, this system allows them to stay right on top of it.

“The integration of COMMANDseries with COMMANDqc takes everything to the next level. Instead of drowning in an ocean of chaos, we can receive information quickly and act on it.” -Brad Parks, Quality Control Manager, Quality Concrete Limited

In the future, Quality Concrete plans to streamline their operations by implementing MOBILEsales, which can also be integrated with COMMANDseries. This will allow them to create and manage quotes in any given location. With the emerging progression of digitization in the Heavy Building Materials industry, the consolidated reporting feature of the tool could greatly benefit their business.  

We are proud of the relationship that our companies have established, and look forward to continuing to stand by Quality Concrete’s side as they accomplish amazing feats.

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