Libra and Command Alkon Deliver Silo Safety that Prevents Accidents and Saves on Losses and Downtime

February 4, 2021 Press Releases

Solution Prevents Equipment Damage, Personal Injury, Litigation, and Lost Production

Birmingham, AL – February 4, 2021 – Command Alkon, the provider of the leading supplier collaboration platform for construction’s heavy work, and Libra Systems, a subsidiary of Command Alkon that specializes in Asphalt and Aggregate automation and technology solutions, are pleased to offer the Silo Safety System to ensure the safety of the driver and vehicle and eliminate loss of material in overhead silo loadout situations.  The standalone system can support operations that have any type of overhead loadout scenario- whether it be for asphalt, aggregates, ready mix concrete or others - and using any type of loadout automation system.

“Once the gates on the silo open, a literal ton of material, sometimes at 320 degrees Fahrenheit for asphalt loadout, is being dropped from the silo in the matter of one second.  If the vehicle is not in the correct location, this puts the driver at risk for serious injury and can cause extremely expensive damage to the cab of the truck as well as lost time and materials in the production process,” said Greg Fleisch, Libra Sales Manager. “The Silo Safety System could more than pay for itself with the price of one accident.” 

“Depending on the operation, opening the incorrect silo can happen daily,” said Lori Allen, Director of Corporate Marketing at Command Alkon. “An incident of this nature can bring the production process to a screeching halt and threaten the lives of employees. Now that Libra Systems is under the umbrella of Command Alkon, we can offer this solution across our base of customers using Libra and Apex for asphalt and aggregate operations, as well as COMMANDbatch customers in ready mix operations to ensure safety and mitigate the risk of lost materials.”

The Silo Safety System features infrared sensors to enable each silo, if and only if, the truck is in the proper position. As the truck pulls through to the loadout station, it will break the infrared sensor beam to enable the silo to be opened. The Silo Safety System includes these important features and benefits:

  • Completely stand-alone system compatible for use with any overhead loadout scenario and automation system. 
  • Two Infrared sensor sets indicate when vehicle is appropriately placed for loading and silo gate activation.
  • Three sensor set configuration allows for detection of space between cab and trailer.
  • Fully graphic touch screen display indicates sensor and silo gate activation to operator.  Available with pedestal stand for desktop placement or can be panel mounted.
  • Manual override mode with redundant loadout system interlock for scenarios not meeting standard vehicle and loadout situations.
  • Real-time alerts indicate potential defective sensor situations.
  • Stand-alone Junction Box and PLC controls ensure ease in wiring, installation, and sensor location tuning.

“This solution saved us the first day that we had it,” said Dewey East, Owner and Founder of Southeast Plant Services. “One of our operators tried to open the incorrect silo immediately after the installation, and the Silo Safety System prevented the gate from opening.” 

The system is priced to ensure that a single incident prevention immediately provides full return on investment. 

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