On The Front Lines at VBI Huissen

This video was filmed prior to the Covid-19 pandemic

We’re On The Front Lines of our customer’s operation! This Vlog gives you a behind the scenes look into the activities of VBI in Huissen, The Netherlands. It shows you their Precast Plant which is automated by Command Alkon’s Process Control and Quality Control Solution.

Implementing new solutions and new processes takes time and effort. Effective communication within project teams is key. Determining clear goals, coming up with a plan, and honoring the commitments made are the ingredients to success. The project team for the implementation of 2 of our software solutions at VBI Huissen is the textbook example of great teamwork that concluded in great results and a lasting partnership.

Want to learn more about the Solutions that help VBI achieve their goals, visit:

Conactive Process Control: www.concreteproductsproducer.com

Conactive Quality Control: europe.commandalkon.com/product/conactive-cl

VBI: www.vbi.nl

Check out the full blog: https://mastery.commandalkon.com/customer-hero-stories/great-teamwork-concludes-in-great-results-and-a-lasting-partnership

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