Snowballing workday efficiency with TrackIt Advantage

January 31, 2024 Dan Orzechowski

Of course, the more time you have available, the more time there is to deliver concrete. What’s not so obvious is the amount of time a truck can accumulatively save throughout the day without disrupting important workflows. And we’re not talking about speeding.

It’s the snowball effect that makes TrackIt Advantage, well … so advantageous. Its powerful administrative ROI extends to not just clearer communication, but to real-time delivery monitoring and workhour optimization, too. Over the course of the day, with all these pieces in motion, a single truck can avoid up to 20 minutes of unproductive time a day.

How many trucks are in your operation?

Supporting an unlimited number of vehicles, drivers, and devices, TrackIt Advantage carves out idle time for the entire ready mix team. The solution’s in-cab tablet closes in on highlighting attendance data, while automated status loops provide concise job updates to your entire team.

Tracking every step of the way

Locating your trucks is only part of the equation. In the ready mix industry, trucks on a map provide important surface level information. But with access to more data, like whether a truck is pouring, washing, or in transit, that’s when the efficiency goes electric.

Here’s how it works. Without the learning curve of an intricate system, drivers notify dispatchers of job updates with TrackIt Advantage by simply tapping on the same tablet device they use to clock-in. While drivers have access to turn-by-turn navigation, they’re also equipped to promptly notify dispatch of a job update — like when loading begins and ends.

Built from the core of TrackIt, TrackIt Advantage automatically updates dispatchers so that they can instantly respond to customer inquiries with accuracy and confidence. Instead of having to manually call a driver, dispatchers already have synchronized batching and delivery information at their fingertips.

Read more on the power of Trackit and TrackIt Advantage here.

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