Truck Tracking & Telematics - A Truly Revolutionary and Indispensable Component of Fleet Management

March 6, 2018 Karli Langner

Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez Hosts Command Alkon's Own Ryan Winter

The Hot Topic of This Episode? Truck Tracking & Fleet Management

Ryan Winter, Technical Sales Manager at Five Cubits, a Command Alkon company, was featured on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

Truck tracking and telematics is a topic that has been buzzing around the industry for quite some time. The technology maximizes efficiencies in decision making and can differentiate a company from its competitors because it allows users to provide their customers with real-time visibility in the status of the truck’s location.

A big benefit of Command Alkon’s truck tracking and telematics solution for the heavy building materials (HBM) industry, is integration. Having a bunch of different products is difficult, and there’s not enough real estate in the vehicle to accommodate several different devices. Having all the data in one spot is so much easier than flipping through multiple pieces of hardware to get information that you need.

The solution allows for better fleet and employee utilization. The real-time data is essential in making smarter and faster business decisions. It lessens non-productive time of employees and pushes them through their day, increasing productivity.

Implementing the technology might be a bit challenging for some companies, simply because adopting new technology is challenging in general. Truck drivers get the idea that truck tracking is comparable to “big brother” constantly watching. However, it isn’t like that. The technology generates greater efficiencies, allowing the company to stay in business, therefore allowing that truck driver to keep their job. It can be a difficult process, but often times after seeing the benefits of the solution, most companies can no longer do without it.

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