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February 28, 2019 Karli Langner

An opportunity to increase revenue and customer satisfaction is providing electronic proof of delivery. Real-time visibility of driver and materials location, proof of delivery data, and operational updates, such as accident reporting allows you to proactively manage issues in the field. For example, if a driver has an accident, protocols can be automatically and immediately triggered, improving outcomes related to employee safety, insurance reporting, and legal notifications.

Paper forms are time-consuming to fill out, leading to inconsistencies in the data captured by individual drivers as well as readability of their handwriting. They also do not provide a means to enforce the collection of mandatory data. Housing information electronically in one place, where it can easily be accessed makes it much easier to view order information and access historical data.

Fleet Telematics creates electronic timecards for drivers to better monitor hours of service (HoS), manage driver behavior, GPS fleet tracking, remote diagnostics, idle monitoring and ELD compliance. Operators can take advantage of these system capabilities to change driver behavior, improve productivity and better understand real-time vehicle performance. Robust functionality for electronic driver logs and reporting on HoS compliance increases workforce productivity and reduces or eliminates excess paperwork and processing times.

TrackIt is a truck tracking and telematics solution specifically designed to meet the construction industry’s mixed-fleet tracking, reporting, and documentation requirements while also providing data-based business intelligence and insights. With GPS truck tracking and telematics as well as fleet and workforce management, TrackIt gives you the visibility you need to maintain ELD compliance and optimize your fleet operation.


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