Taking the Weight Off Ready Mix Dispatchers

Holding the Frontline from Above the Trenches

Dispatchers are ultimate problem solvers. Expecting the unexpected, they make sure the day’s schedule isn’t interrupted. Their fast-paced days play a critical part in a concrete producer’s performance.   

In short, dispatchers are nimble. But what if they didn’t have to be that nimble?  

Every day, dispatchers respond to drivers, customers, salespeople, and management. Sometimes all on the same call. As dispatchers mitigate pressure coming from all directions, it becomes more difficult to facilitate the day and easier to lose sight of a customer. Because the dispatch office is so integral to day-to-day operations, handing them a smaller plate to manage can propel every team forward. 

We may not be able to predict traffic, driver attendance, or irregular customer requests, but we can make those surprises more manageable. Here’s how dispatchers are gaining more control over the chaos.  

Caller Visibility 

The dispatch office is usually the first point of contact for ready mix companies. So, knowing who is calling in and why saves a dispatcher from having to ask about basic order details. Instantly receiving these details via telematics (like driver and order information) enables quicker order decision making.  

Confident Communication  

With traditional radios, dispatch instructions can disappear into a black hole of static. Sometimes there’s no way of knowing if a driver heard you right … or at all. And since channels are public, cross-chatter from other organizations can flood the airwaves. We recommend private communication, so drivers no longer miss critical messages from dispatch. 

TrackIt Voice: A New Standard 

More time talking to drivers means less time talking to customers. Yes, dispatchers must be quick and meticulous, but now with TrackIt Voice a safety net prevents their key messages from slipping through the cracks. And since TrackIt Voice leverages cellular service that’s already provided with TrackIt, dispatch can remain connected to drivers without having to deal with spotty coverage. 

Caller visibility and clear, uninterrupted communication cleans up the daily clutter handed to dispatch offices. By investing in a faster, more accurate dispatch system, ready mix producers are committing to greater customer service.  

There’s talking about it, then there’s doing it. See TrackIt Voice in action with this short demo

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