Trucking and Telematics Information at Your Fingertips

February 1, 2019 Karli Langner

Let’s face it – you’re busy, and you can’t keep tabs on your drivers by yourself. If you’re managing drivers and trucks that wheel in and out of numerous sites during the day or week and aren’t using automatic processes via technology to more efficiently track and manage your fleet, there’s amazing opportunities to take advantage of to increase driver productivity – and in return, increase your profits. With the right solution, you can avoid the 20-40 minutes per truck per day that’s lost through clocking in and out and other non-productive activities.

TrackIt is a truck tracking and telematics solution specifically designed to meet the construction industry’s mixed-fleet tracking, reporting, and documentation requirements while also providing data-based business intelligence and insights. With GPS truck tracking and telematics as well as fleet and workforce management, TrackIt gives you the visibility you need to maintain ELD compliance and optimize your fleet operation:

  • Analyze driver habits to increase fuel economy and improve safety
  • Monitor vehicle health to improve maintenance and performance
  • Examine jobs, routes, productivity and performance to eliminate nonproductive time
  • Eliminate paper timesheets to save time and improve accuracy
  • Integrate performance, payroll and other relevant data into business systems, making it easy to review, edit, approve, pay and document.

Command Alkon is constantly working to update product offerings based on customer’s specific needs. The newly introduced TrackIt 3P enables the industry to collaboratively plan trucking needs while providing transparency of trucks to customers.

TrackIt 3P enables the industry to collaboratively plan trucking needs while providing transparency of trucks to customers, and automating driver haul sheet creation. This approach aims to increase the visibility of 3rd party trucks and coordinate AR/AP across the Heavy Building Materials industry.

One telematics platform for all of your trucks:

  • Industry leading status controls extended to your flexible fleet
  • Integrated into your dispatch system
  • Performance reporting
  • Single platform for payments

You have trucks you work with already, get them online:

  • Invite only platform gives you full control
  • BYOD model, no hardware required

TrackIt 3P offers these value points and many more:

  • Monitor Performance Like Company-Owned Fleet
Extend the great analysis and control you have of your own fleet to third party haulers.  Monitor driver performance, identify issues like late deliveries in advance and proactively manage your customer service.
  • Know Where Third Party Trucks Are Always
Know when your load will arrive at the jobsite, which trucks are coming and when the truck will return to your plant.  Assign loads to drivers and easily message drivers when needed.
  • Visibility Unlocked
Know what drivers are doing when they are working for you and  measure performance of your hauling activities as a whole, instead of piecemeal. 
  • Eliminate Paper in Back Office Operations
Capture data and insights in real-time by eliminating paper haul sheets and delivery tickets.   Seamlessly coordinate AR/AP functions across all trading partners to pay haulers and generate accurate invoices in a timely manner.  System supports hauler pay both hourly or performance basis.
Complete more jobs in fewer hours and miles with real-time visibility into vehicle location, live traffic data, and route analytics.​
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