The Future of Construction Automation

February 6, 2019 Karli Langner

Is automation taking jobs away from the construction industry?

Far from it – automation is actually meant to give professionals the opportunity for better and more meaningful work by taking away redundant and repetitive tasks.

According to a report from the Midwest Economic Policy Institute, as long as 100% of the task cannot be automated, there will still be a need for human labor.

The Associated General Contractors of America anticipates that technology’s increasing affordability and adaptability paired with the workforce shortage will prompt a significant transformation in the way projects are built – automation technologies will need to be implemented to keep up with the sheer volume of work that the Construction industry is forecasted to have in the future.

We need to start developing a healthier relationship with these sorts of technologies, because they are designed to have a symbiotic relationship with the user.

The ability to monitor the movement of people and goods through connected devices will ultimately make the industry more efficient and effective, and to reach new, innovative heights.

Automated solutions increase the productivity of construction projects, reduce the duration of laborious work, and increase the quality of work. Schedule a chat with us to determine what areas of your operation can benefit from automation!

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