Real-Time Location Information for Third Party Vendors

April 10, 2019 Karli Langner

Fleet management systems use telematics devices to track the location and status of vehicles in real time. For instance, timing is crucial when delivering concrete. Once water is added to the mix, the chemical reaction starts the clock on how much time is available to transport and deliver the concrete to the job location.

Knowing when trucks arrive, when to queue more trucks and where trucks are in the pour process ensures that the job is done efficiently. This lessens wasted time and keeps employees moving, increasing productivity.

Of his fleet management system, Midwest Concrete IT Manager Mike Sanson says, “Instead of our drivers managing paper and waiting for their next orders from dispatch, they can instantly pull up their next job in the app. It doesn’t just make life easier, it’s contributing big savings to our bottom line.”

Many unproductive hours take place while loading and unloading a truck, sitting in traffic or at a dock and clocking in and out at a jobsite. Anything you can do to cut wasted time in your transportation operation will help to contain costs, as well as keep drivers happy and trucks on the road.

Materials companies are constantly driven by production, oftentimes reaching out to third party haulers to find capacity. To make outsourcing logistics beneficial for both parties, suppliers and haulers need trusting partnerships. One way to build this trust is to use logistics technology that provides visibility into the status of an order and enables collaboration between trading partners.

TrackIt 3P enables the industry to collaboratively plan trucking needs while providing transparency of trucks to customers, and automating driver haul sheet creation. For more information, click here.

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