Optimize Your Truck Fleet with TrackIt 3P

December 2, 2019 Matt Brinker

Stay in command of your entire fleet — both owned and third party haulers — with Command Alkon’s single telematics platform.

Third-party trucks are at the core of the Heavy Building Materials industry, but the way these fleets are managed can be a pain for everyone involved if not done properly. Dispatchers want to manage the exceptions and not hassle the drivers by instructing them on what to tackle next all of the time. The back-office staff want to get their jobs done as well and quickly as possible, which means not having to decipher handwritten notes from busy drivers. And the drivers want to complete a job, not deal with the paperwork you need to bill.

In an effort to streamline communications and make everyone’s workload easier and more efficient, the construction industry is quickly adopting mobile technology solutions to increase productivity and morale.

Command Alkon’s single telematics platform, TrackIt 3P, is on the cutting edge of digitizing the trucking industry by extending the power of TrackIt’s workflow management beyond owned haulers to third-party drivers. Dispatchers can now manage all of the trucks working for them in the same manner, whether they’re company-owned or third-party. With TrackIt 3p, drivers’ haul sheets are compiled using data generated, and those haul sheets are shared to the back office of both the buyer and seller of hauling.

According to Matt Brinker, Command Alkon’s TrackIt 3P product manager, “The newly introduced TrackIt 3P enables the industry to collaboratively plan all your trucking needs while providing transparency of trucks to customers.”

TrackIt 3P will enable your fleet to do the following:

  • Tell you where trucks are, what drivers are doing, and assign loads to drivers in real-time
  • Track and measure fleet performance and utilization for owned as well as flexible fleet
  • Remove paper processes, eliminate manual and duplicate data entry, improve data accuracy
  • Verify haulers meet compliance requirements

Gain unmatched visibility into material deliveries and utilize streamlined digital processes for ticketing, invoicing, and hauler payments for all your trucks with TrackIt 3P. Learn more about this solution here.

Matt Brinker has been with Command Alkon for 4.5 years, but he’s been in and around construction since he was 13. He is currently the product manager for TrackIt 3P, a single telematics platform that allows you to stay in command of your entire fleet of both owned and third party haulers.

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