Short-Haul Logistics Solutions Customized for You and Your Needs

December 7, 2018 Karli Langner

Short haul trucking may seem more attractive to truck drivers who want to be home more often with their families at night. Truckers also work in familiar territories on a daily basis, often on a predictable route, so they work definite hours.

The disadvantage is that short haul trucking is often seasonal work, so there are no consistent paychecks. Typically short haul drivers work long days and if they are paid on a mileage rate, they may not make great money if they have to spend a lot of time at drop sites and pick-up locations.

The problem is that there are fewer short-haul truckers available compared to long-haul, because drivers prefer to work the longer distances so they can make better money. Heavy building materials companies will contract with a 3PL to help them schedule truckers to deliver their short-haul orders. 3PLs can manage everything from sourcing carriers to freight bill payment audits to supply chain analytics to managed transportation services.

Best-in-class 3PLs use advanced technology to lower costs, improve efficiencies and increase productivity. 3PLs are increasingly using cloud-based technology, mobile and hand-held devices, electronic logging devices and satellite technology to improve transport planning, optimization and execution. In the past, if a concrete producer contracted with a 3PL, they had to rely on the 3PL to keep track of their orders and expected deliveries.

Command Alkon TrackIt offers GPS truck tracking and telematics for the fleets of heavy building materials suppliers and haulers. But what if you are contracting with a 3PL to make your short-haul deliveries? How do you know where your orders are and when your trucks will arrive. Enter TrackIt 3P, a solution that allows you to track your materials when you use a third-party logistics provider.

You still get the great analysis and optimization as if it was your own fleet, so you can monitor driver performance and identify issues like a late delivery before it occurs to be more proactive with your customer service. With TrackIt 3P, you will know when your load will arrive at the jobsite or when the truck will return to your plant.

Real-time visibility into your 3PL’s trucks lets you analyze performance, routes and productivity for better customer service.

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