Do More With What You Have With TrackIt 3P

March 20, 2019 Karli Langner

In the Heavy Building Materials industry, some companies operate their own trucks to ship raw materials and/or finished products to customers, while others use third party hauling companies to deliver materials. Leveraging third party haulers is a sustainable, low capital strategy to increase fleet size as the construction business continues to grow. Materials companies are constantly driven by production, oftentimes reaching out to third party haulers to find capacity. To make outsourcing logistics beneficial for both parties, suppliers and haulers need trusting partnerships. One way to build this trust is to use logistics technology that provides visibility into the status of an order and enables collaboration between trading partners.  


Some of this software automates paper-based processes: today, drivers mark their activities on a paper call sheet detailing what was done; staple the paper ticket from entering/exiting jobsites to the haul sheet; then turn the document into accounting for billing purposes. Because documents are on paper, errors are rampant and paperwork is oftentimes lost. Invoices are typically paid on a 30, 60 or 90 day schedule. Automating business processes with electronic documents will not only create transparency into operations, but will also allow invoices to be generated immediately for quicker payment.  


Real-time tracking of trucks provides the visibility that companies need to know where their order is. Solutions are available for use by contractors, materials providers, and the third party hauling company so that each party can see the workflow in real-time.  Suppliers can monitor trucks in real-time and create electronic haul sheets with one version of the truth so that the haulers can get paid quickly and accurately.


TrackIt 3P enables the industry to collaboratively plan trucking needs while providing transparency of trucks to customers, and automating driver haul sheet creation. This approach aims to increase the visibility of 3rd party trucks and coordinate AR/AP across the Heavy Building Materials industry. 


With GPS truck tracking and telematics as well as fleet and workforce management, you gain the visibility you need to maintain ELD compliance, and optimize and fully utilize your fleet operation.

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