3 Ways Data is Changing Fleet Management Forever

November 29, 2018 Karli Langner

In the past, fleet managers had to suffer through handwritten logs and overstuffed filing cabinets to find the insights they needed to operate more efficiently. Forget about doing things the old way; now there’s a mountain of information right at your fingertips! Easy access to data is reshaping the industry and simplifying the lives of fleet managers.

1. Accurate Data to Understand Your Fleet

Telematics hardware connects directly to your machine’s engine to collect all of the data you can think of—and even data that you didn’t even know you needed:

  • Engine status
  • Fuel levels
  • Oil pressure
  • Machine runtime
  • Driver operating habits
  • Hours of Service/HOS (for vehicles subject to ELD rules)

Telematics software can then serve up valuable and actionable insights in a way that you can easily digest the information. The software can identify trends and produce reports, giving you a comprehensive look at the health of every vehicle and machine in your fleet.

2. The Power of GPS

Sure, GPS can keep track of your trucks, but there’s so much more power behind this system that you might not even realize!

Prevent your business from becoming a victim of theft, because stolen machines are easily trackable. Obviously there’s reduction of theft and cost savings go hand in hand, but preventing this risk can also yield major insurance premium savings. The ability to keep track of the trucks location can also help you dispatch more effectively, routing around traffic jams or hazards with ease.

3. Keep Your Fleet Safe

One of the best ways to reduce risk and liability is to ensure your drivers are staying safe on the road. Telematics can alert you during risky behaviors like hard braking, speeding, and sharp turns. You can also track and log driving habits, allowing you to identify and act on repeat offenders. In addition to improving the overall safety of your fleet, this information provides the added bonus of reducing excessive idling, hard braking, and over-acceleration to improve overall fuel efficiency.

Machine downtime is preventable, but if it happens it drain on your bottom line. Maintenance data helps to ensure your trucks are always running at maximized efficiency. Sensors and databases track runtime, engine status, and service logs. Regular maintenance can be automatically scheduled so your vehicles and equipment won’t miss another oil change and predictive intelligence can spot potential issues before they cost you in a breakdown. You’ll receive alerts if an engine is running abnormally so you can get the machine serviced and back on the jobsite in record time.

Fleet Outsourcing Make You Nervous? No Worries. Stay in Command.

Contractors and suppliers use 3rd party trucks for 65% of the work done in the Heavy Building Materials industry, and the newly introduced TrackIt 3PL enables the industry to collaboratively plan trucking needs while providing transparency of trucks to customers, and automating driver haul sheet creation.

With the solution, contractors can locate, measure the productivity of, and communicate with each truck that is delivering loads. Suppliers can unlock visibility with flexible fleet just like they can with company-owned fleet and coordinate AR/AP functions across all trading partners

Command Alkon’s goal is to be the electronic backbone of transactions in the Heavy Building Materials industry, and incorporating delivery into the transaction is a way to reach this goal. Drivers’ ability to automatically create electronic haul sheets for the work that they do can remove the hassle of dealing with paper and speed up the back-office process through electronic freight bills.

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