eTicketing For Construction, Materials & Trucking Companies

2020 is speeding up the adoption of eTicketing. Beyond federal and state agencies suggesting—and in some cases, mandating eTickets as part of practicing social distancing, eTicketing has become essential for loading and receiving materials.

What is an eTicket?

An eTicket is an electronic ticket showing each driver used and the load they delivered. That way dispatchers, contractors, and inspectors can track hauls in real-time. The eTicket stays in sync with a load’s journey. The ticket provides an up-to-date delivery status and captures order information. That way, you have proof of delivery and other data you need to invoice your customers.

Benefits of eTicketing

Beyond compliance with the Department of Transportation, here are few big reasons truck companies, general contractors, and many others in construction are moving to eTicketing. 

More Cost-Effective

If you’re still managing paper tickets right now, you may have someone who spends hours going through a huge bin of tickets. Then scans each ticket and has to file them away. Over time, you may end up dedicating a part-time position just to this specific task.


Retrieving tickets and attaching them to invoices is flat out quicker. When creating jobs in Ruckit, during load-in and out of materials you can specify that drivers need to capture electronic signatures and photos. 

You can also reduce the time spent completing manual entry with bulk-editing to input job information. 

More Reliable

A variety of personnel relies on eTicket data including:

  • Truckers who give dispatch real-time visibility on the material en route.
  • Contractors out in the field that can verify the material is coming or received. They also get proof of delivery and the exact amount delivered. 
  • Project managers, dispatch, and other team members can view daily job costs to manage budgets. 
  • Asphalt and paving personnel can track and receive material arriving into their plants.

“eTicketing is safer and more efficient. There’s no physical handling of tickets. With Ruckit’s field app, the guys can also see the distance of the next truck arriving without looking at the map to see how far away they are,” said José Armenta, Director of Equipment at CRH

Unlike paper ticketing, you don’t need to stress about keeping track of tickets in a bin. Or losing a ticket while traveling and worrying about not getting paid for a job. While at the loading site, if the driver gets a ticket from the scale house, your driver can input the weight from a mobile app. 

The driver can also add in the ticket number, a photo of the ticket, and e-signature. All this information is accessible from any device. 

For unloading, the same options are also available so you can get a signature from a PM or somebody else on-site. 

In case any disputes come up, retrieving eTickets is easy. Your paper trail is in the cloud. And you don’t have to worry about paper invoices, you can send digital invoices and tickets. 

Collecting payment for manufacturing, transportation, and logistics companies takes significantly longer than many other industries. In 2020, the “days sales outstanding” was over two months to collect on invoices. The average: 77 days.

As drivers deliver materials, you can pull the ticket information the driver captured into your invoice. Instead of having to go through a pile of tickets, you can bill a customer minutes after completing the job.

For In-office personnel receiving items, you can confirm also each load delivery and streamline payment processes.

More Accurate 

With manual data entry, you’ll likely run into (or have already run into) more invoicing errors that can cause delays in getting paid. 

These are just a few ways eTicketing can make deliveries smoother. Request a demo to see how Ruckit can help you finish jobs and create invoices faster. 

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