Easily Transfer Ticket Data with CONNEX eTicketing Export Functionality

Most contractors use Excel as their project management tool of choice, typically for three reasons:

  1. No purchase required
  2. No training
  3. No [true] accountability

Although the world of spreadsheets is a more comfortable world to live in because it is familiar, as soon as data is entered and shared, it is out of date. No one on the team is updating project status in real time. If you have to have a verbal conversation with the team to ensure the data inside the Excel sheet is accurate, then what’s the point?

With CONNEX, the data that Contractors would typically spend hours/days keying or scanning in can be captured automatically. CONNEX takes the information found on paper tickets and captures it digitally, making ticket data available in real time, throughout the entire lifecycle of the ticket.

When you need up-to-the-minute information about job status and materials deliveries, a digital transference of that ticket data is needed to work more efficiently. However, Excel can still play a huge role your project management processes by backing that data up and transferring that data. CONNEX integrates with 3rd party systems, but you can also easily create a CSV file export to review, report, move the data from CONNEX to another program.

Submitting the CSV file export can expedite payments and reduce errors, freeing your business from the risk of working with inaccurate or outdated information. The ticket data that is downloaded and exported out and can be used to summarize quantities and cost, as well as to streamline the back office/invoice reconciliation processes.


Additionally, the export is valuable from the DOT perspective because the CSV file can be uploaded into any of the “end game” systems used to store all ticket data in, such as AASHTOWare.

For more information on eTicketing with CONNEX, click here!

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