The Advantage of On-Demand, Pay As You Go Solutions

April 12, 2019 Karli Langner

Communication is Key to Supply Chain Success

Our industry is a mobile industry, so being able to complete tasks on-the-go is becoming a major competitive advantage. Having information at your fingertips eliminates communication delays in any part of the communication chain; from dispatch and drivers to sales and accounting. Employees can handle day-to-day responsibilities from their smart phones or tablets because of remote access features.

The use of cloud technology also enables multiple entities to work with one another, therefore, the previously existing digital boundaries between rapid communication and order fulfillment become nonexistent.

The Supplier Collaboration Platform for Construction's Heavy Work

Companies across the heavy work industry are increasingly looking to cloud-based solutions so that they can reduce their costs in an incredibly competitive environment. Command Alkon links trading partners, executes transactions, and delivers insights with a speed and accuracy that fuels success on the heavy jobsite. 

Money Back in Your Wallet

The best part? Cloud-based technologies maximize the efficiency of your operations while also maximizing your wallet. 

A great benefit of cloud technology is reduced operational costs. Throughout the supply chain, cloud technology can reduce the amount of workers needed to perform specific tasks. As a result of minimizing human-input, those employees may then be reassigned to other physical aspects of the supply chain.

Getting started in the cloud with SaaS products costs significantly less than building your own in-house server from the ground up. Subscription pricing models can eliminate capital expenditures, replace complexities, and often bundle solution offerings to provide you with bonus features that you wouldn't have otherwise. Talk about more bang for your buck.

Command Alkon recently announced subscription models that combine the value of our ticketing and dispatch systems with business intelligence, quality control, production, and mobility solutions. 

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