The Solution to a 63-Year Productivity Problem

April 17, 2019 Karli Langner

Think about all of the revolutionizing changes our world has undergone since 1956. The introduction of the first computer and the first computer language in the 1960’s, email in the 1970’s, the first cell phone in the 1980’s, the world-wide web in the 1990’s, self-driving cars in the 2000’s, and even robot agility in the 2010’s.

For years, technological advances have transformed the manner in which human beings live their lives, including the manner in which companies are performing their functions. New production processes can have a dramatic effect on the productivity within an industry, and most industries have realized great productivity advances. The construction industry, however, has seen only 6% productivity growth over a 63-year time span.

How Can We Get the Industry Up-To-Speed?

This presents a major problem for the industry as a whole, BUT it’s an opportunity for your construction business to be a leader within your markets. After all, productivity is directly tied to profits, so strategic productivity improvements can give your business the competitive edge.

While many issues contribute to the construction industry falling behind on productivity growth, one of the major reasons is reluctance to adapt to new processes. Industry analysis reveals that easy solutions exist that can help you realize productivity gains while still working in the field (click here to read an article about simplifying your workflow with solutions like these). A report by McKinsey and Company names digital collaboration tools as one of the top five ways that construction companies can lead disruption in the industry.

While these project management issues are an irritation and a hassle, the analysts explain that digitizing workflows is a net positive approach that can have a direct effect on the time and money spent on construction projects.

(read more tips on how digitizing workflows can improve your productivity advantage...)

The old ways of working are no longer aligned with the new rules for success, which are centered on having the ability to make smarter decisions faster and on delivering an enhanced customer experience profitably – digitizing workflows are the answer to productivity gains.

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