Is a Pretty Front-End Important?

November 19, 2018 Karli Langner

Is a pretty “front end” important?

I’m talking about software. Do you really need all those fancy front-end graphical user interfaces? While they do make your software appear to be easier to use, is that any reason to buy a specific software package?

Recently I was talking to some folks from Martin Marietta at ELEVATE – The Command Alkon Conference who mentioned how much they loved all of the Command Alkon products that they use. One of them said that there were a lot of competitors out there for some of the Command Alkon solutions, and some of these systems were very flashy. However, they went on to say that that doesn’t matter – it’s the back-end part of the software - you know the part that churns on the numbers and spits out an accurate answer – that is the most important.

Some software vendors focus on delivering a friendly user interface that is an essential part of a satisfied user experience. But if the software doesn’t provide the results you need or requires lots of extra steps or is confusing, then the user experience will not be very good. Good user interfaces guide users on how to interact with the site in a clear and intuitive way, even if it’s the first time to use the software. 

Command Alkon is refreshing a lot of their software to improve the user experience. Stay tuned for upgrades to come.

The people from Martin Marietta said that was not all that was important about software – it’s the support you get from the vendor. They said that are very pleased with Command Alkon’s excellent support. They said that Command Alkon’s support team is always easy to reach and quick to solve their problems or answer their questions. The professionals on the support line were described as “really knowing their stuff.”

An old proverb that rings true to many of us is “all that glitters is not gold.” Flashy software packages are visually stimulating, but if they don’t work then what sort of real value can they bring? Trust Command Alkon to deliver a system that works, and to be there for any help and support you may need.

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