The Safety of Things Safe Plant Access

August 14, 2018 Pete Dube

Command Alkon's Safety of Things Manager, Pete Dube, visited Bladensburg, Maryland for a site visit to LarfargeHolcim's Aggregate Industries Mid-Atlantic region on June 12, 2018.

Greg Sessa, Operations Manager Ready-Mix Concrete at Aggregate Industries, met with Pete to discuss the safe way to approach site access.

Pete: Hello Greg, thanks for taking the time to speak with me about safety. You and I just got back from visiting your Blandensburg, Maryland plant, where I observed a lot safety placards and PPE guidelines posted. Can you tell us a little about how you and Aggregate Industries approach safety, particularly site access?

Greg: Yes, it’s clear that safety is a top priority for us. Not to sound cliché’, but we truly want all of our people to work in an environment where they can go home in the same condition that they came to work.  We have worked hard to instill a safety mindset within our team.  We focus on hazard awareness, appropriate work behaviors, and sound decision making.  With this approach, it enables us to do what we do, get the job done, and go home safe and healthy.

Pete: I also noticed when we arrived on site, your plant operator came out of his elevated office to recognize that we were on site. He asked us to identify who we are, and to sign in.

Greg: We have a sign-in process at all of our sites so that we always know when, who and why someone is on our site. We also go through an induction process to promote visitor site awareness.  If work is to be performed, we would review the work processes and complete a risk mitigation plan, including any needed work permits.  We also want to make sure that the person conducting the work is properly trained and has the correct and current certifications. Our sign-in process and check-in is the start of gaining access to our sites.

Pete: So, when we, Command Alkon, come to one of your sites to visit or do an install of one of our products, what are your expectations for us?

Greg: The first thing you would do, whether coming to our office or a plant site would be to sign-in.  At our plant site locations, the person to check-in with would be our plant manager.  We would ask that you go through our site sign-in process, and then we would go through a full site induction to make sure you are aware of the risks that are associated with the site; that you know what the emergency protocols are; and what to do in case of an emergency, whether it’s an incident or a weather-related concern. We would also review the plant layout to identify the different areas of the plant, including safe zones and the plant traffic pattern.  This helps to provide a general understanding of how to safely move around the plant.  We also cover general company policies.  Once that is complete, we would discuss the work to be done on site and make sure we have a safe and properly documented work plan.  We would then have an employee escort you to where you need to go.

Pete:  And that is your two-minute safety briefing with Greg Sessa, Ready-Mix Concrete Operations Manager for Aggregate Industries Mid-Atlantic Region. Thank you, Greg!

Pete’s thoughts:

I enjoyed our visit with Aggregate Industries Mid-Atlantic Market. Their safety mindedness in tandem with real hands-on practices and processes is impressive. Upon arrival at their Regional office, we were greeted and required to go through and acknowledge an automated safety guideline program.  We were even given guidelines on where the emergency evacuation recovery area is and how to find it.

From office setting to plant site manufacturing, Aggregate Industries understands the Safety of Things.

Thank you Aggregate Industries for being a leader in action to Start Safe – Finish Safe!

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