Why You Should Be Urging Your Trucking Partners to Adopt Technology


According to PWC research, trucking logistic costs will fall by 47% by 2030. Delivery lead times will go down 40% over the next decade.

Now, how is that possible? As we dive deeper into technology enablement for construction trucking, we are constantly learning about all the ways that trucking is a vital part of almost every aspect of running a successful job. For producers, material delivery represents the lion’s share of activity your customer sees. 

As you know materials like concrete and asphalt must be delivered with precise timing and quantities.  Even seemingly simple hauling like dirt excavation requires daily coordination and management.   

Still, amazingly enough, many projects today handle all of this complex coordination of trucks and materials with: 

  • phone calls
  • texts
  • paper tickets and invoices

Through the digitization of these processes, technology can play a key role throughout a transaction from what your customers see to streamlining driver communication.

Simplify Ticket Management

Adopting technology doesn’t just make your life easier, it also helps your customers. Through eTicketing, companies can bill their customers via email right after delivery; simply scan tickets and then send electronic invoices. Then you don’t have to go through paper trails or have staff waste time on manual data entry. The administrative overhead or hours spent on data entry are far less. 

Whether you’re sending or expecting a payment, you can check in on the invoice’s status any time. That way, you have a clear picture of your cash flow. From your clients’ perspective, they have a digital record they can always access from their devices. 

Streamline Drivers & Dispatch

So your dispatch team needs to schedule and track a combination of owned, leased, and 3rd party trucks. What if there was an easier way to do that without a ton of phone calls? 

With Ruckit, you can confirm and see every driver that accepts jobs. This drag-and-drop dispatch system lets you schedule all trucks and auto-assign any based on the previous day's work with a single click.

The drivers can receive and accept jobs right from the app and see everything they need for a job including rates, schedule times, and location.

Once drivers are en route, you can see the location and status of every truck with a map view.

Or message any drivers through the Ruckit app. You can also reassign drivers at the last minute if anything comes up.

How Trucking Companies, Material Producers, and Contractors Can Work Better Together

Part of why the industry has been slow to adopt technology: it is typically hard for only one part of the process to be automated.  For instance, a contractor can use technology automation, but if the trucking company refuses, it can cripple the potential value.

Material companies, contractors, and trucking companies are not supporting each other refraining from new technology.

As the industry moves ahead, it will be more and more important for trucking companies to push their contractors to use technology and vice versa.  Avoid depending on technology vendors to push for automation. Instead, lead by example and support each other in the change process through consistent contact. Then you can shave hours off your schedules and ultimately reduce your team’s expenses.‍

Request a demo to see how Ruckit can help you save time and finish jobs faster.

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