What Could the "Cost of Doing Business" Be Costing You?

March 26, 2019 Karli Langner

Producers accept that there is a cost associated with the time spent during the delivery process testing the slump of the load, making slump adjustments, and washing out the drum upon return to the plant. 

Producers look at this as a “cost of doing business”, not something that is within their control to eliminate or sometimes even minimize.  Producers also recognize that most of these tasks are directly related to the quality of the final, delivered concrete product and are therefore accepted as a necessity.

Another “cost of doing business” producers accept is the overdesign of mixes to ensure the quality of the final delivered product, living with the money spent on materials needed for overdesigns as better than the impact of delivering concrete that either gets rejected or gets placed and then must be removed.

Think about the money spent on material overdesign to compensate for the gap in fresh concrete data during delivery.  Industry quality surveys indicate an average overdesign on concrete mixes of 30 – 35%, with 20 – 25% being necessary to ensure test results meet specified strengths.  This means there is an extra 10% overdesign factor, with some markets also forcing minimum cement factors that may what is really excess overdesign down. 

If you have an annual production of 500,000 cy and you estimate a mere 5% overdesign factor, with current cement costs alone that is an overspend on materials of $620,000 annually.  

Producers don’t realize that the cumulative results of the money spent on these small buckets of time and material over-usages is having a significant impact on their bottom line.

What's the solution??

Gain a constant view of the properties of your fresh concrete throughout your delivery cycle as well as capture and archive a historical snapshot of the quality of the concrete you deliver and place with COMMANDassurance.

Visibility into your fresh concrete while in-transit gives you the peace of mind you desire about the quality of your concrete, gains in efficiency, and material savings.

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