Profitability Requires Individual Responsibility and Accountability

June 3, 2019 Karli Langner

At work, and oftentimes in our personal lives, we get in our own way of success. We tend to keep ourselves from being productive, simply by not holding ourselves accountable. It’s easy to get lost in the mindset of “let’s just get through the day, I’ll do better tomorrow.” However; think about this – a company that owns a fleet of trucks or contracts their jobs out to third party logistic providers depend on their drivers to do everything in their power to deliver their materials on time to the jobsite. What if each of these drivers had the mindset of “I’ll do better tomorrow?” How would that affect the profitability of that company? Increasing profitability often comes down to fostering an environment of greater employee accountability. For fleet managers, this can only be accomplished through real-time GPS tracking devices on all vehicles.

Drivers that know they are being monitored by a system like this are less likely to make unnecessary detours or personal stops. They may avoid spending unnecessary time at jobsites and/or avoid idling the engine while filling out paperwork in the vehicle. GPS tracking devices aren’t necessarily used to discover what a driver is doing wrong, but what they are doing right. The information provides more clarity of tasks and results, allows drivers to take ownership of their jobs and self-correct, rather than having to be micromanaged.

With greater accountability, it’s easy to determine which drivers are not pulling their weight so that the more productive employees are not punished by having to pick up the slack with extra deliveries or service visits. Higher performing employees can be recognized and rewarded (with a little extra dough) based on performance that can be verified through the system.

Command Alkon’s TrackIt solution uses GPS Truck Tracking and Telematics equipment to give management a constant view of the location and performance of their entire fleet.

With Command Alkon’s TrackIt, businesses are able to:

  • Monitor how long a driver takes a break
  • See in real-time where driver stops and when driver starts
  • Determine whether drivers veer off pre-planned routes
  • Check reasons behind unplanned delays
  • Verify unsafe driver behavior
  • Get real-time status of trucks so customers can be alerted if delivery is running late
  • Map location of trucks at all times in real-time
  • Monitor compliance to hours of service regulations
  • Capture in-cab time and attendance

The information gathered with TrackIt can be used to improve a driver’s performance by showing areas for improvement, such as breaking at a restaurant on the approved route rather than one 10 miles away or taking too long to clock in/out.

“With 50 trucks on the road in the concrete business, that's where you can make or lose a lot of money. That was where TrackIt was a big benefit. The GPS technology has really helped us develop a series of KPIs on the concrete drivers, and using the GPS system has made our drivers and our Dispatch office more efficient." Joe Merlino, Benevento Companies

Check out this article, featured in Construction Business Owner magazine, to learn more about how TrackIt can increase accountability in employees and more!

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