Proactive Planning at Your Fingertips

January 3, 2019 Karli Langner

The visibility into “real” raw material requirements has historically been very limited, and inefficient communication between suppliers and producers further complicates the constantly changing supply and demand juggling act. Supply chain operations are inherently filled with inefficiencies and gaps, opening many opportunities for improvements that can directly impact bottom line results and customer satisfaction.

Enter supplyCONNECT, Command Alkon’s solution for direct materials management.

Real-Time Supply & Demand Information

Whether you’re a ready mix producer, bulk materials supplier, or bulk materials hauler, supplyCONNECT can manage daily  replenishment plans, promote collaboration between trading partners, and ensure that the right amount of inventory is delivered to the right place at the right time.

Platform for Communication

Transparency and balance between your supply and demand allows you to place an equal emphasis on improving both inbound and out-bound delivery processes and empowers you to work collaboratively with your supply chain partners to regain inefficiencies and eliminate wasted time.

How Much is Unneeded Inventory Costing You?

By having accurate demand and customer information, improving the procurement and inventory processes, and changing ineffective processes and procedures, you can succeed in avoiding surplus inventory. Some ready mix concrete market leaders in the U.S. have reported 20% reductions in inventory holding costs and working capital from better forecasting processes.

More Information – Less Trucks

Having true visibility in to supply and demand allows you to utilize existing fleet – which also saves money, considering hauling accounts for an estimated 15% to 20% of total material costs.

Will you be onsite on World of Concrete in Las Vegas? Stop by Command Alkon's Booth N1336 to see supplyCONNECT in action. Don't forget to vote for this forward-looking solution for Concrete Construction's Most Innovative Product in the Business & Technology Category.

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