NRMCA Offers Quality Education for Producers

September 18, 2017 Command Alkon

Quality Improvement Resources & Solutions

Over the last 10 years the NRMCA has greatly expanded its Quality Control offerings. In part due to its efforts to promote P2P, Prescriptive to Performance Specifications, the NRMCA has recognized the need for producers to enhance their QC capabilities. The Quality Award, the Quality Survey and the new Quality Certification programs have helped producers showcase their quality efforts. Starting this week, and over the next few months, the following Quality education opportunities will be presented:

Sept 18-20, Concrete Durability Course – Salt Lake City, UT

Oct 1-3, ConcreteWorks 2017 – Grapevine, TX

Quality focused sessions include:

  • ConcreteWorks Software for Mass Concrete and Other Applications
  • Control Flow Concrete: The Next Generation of Flowable Concrete
  • Concrete Delivery Telematics – Unlocking the Easter Egg in the Truck
  • How Can Mixer Drivers Positively Impact the Quality of Concrete

Nov 6-10, Annual Technical Short Course – Silver Spring, MD

For more information on these and other NRMCA Quality initiatives, visit  

Keep up with Command Alkon’s quality control initiatives in the near future in the following ways:

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