How E-Construction Can Improve U.S. Transportation – Featured on SupplyChainBrain

May 17, 2019 Lori Allen

In a list of U.S. industries that have automated business processes, the construction industry is at the bottom. 

In order to sustain growth, contractors, suppliers and logistics providers need to undergo a transformation, which involves digitizing their supply chains through a connected network and automated processes. The old ways of working no longer lead to success. Today’s climate and culture requires having the ability to make smarter, faster decisions.

By digitizing construction business processes, these benefits can be realized:

  • Increased transparency across the construction supply chain so that all players know what is going on at all times
  • Reduced time collecting information from the field; reduced errors and admin time by eliminating the need to re-key information into office systems
  • Real-time access to data with E-Ticketing applications speeds documentation processing and payment processing
  • Improved communications
  • Increased collaboration and sharing of information

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