Gain Control From Batch to Pour Through Real-Time Visibility

April 24, 2018 Karli Langner

Visibility is Viability for Your Ready-Mix Operations

How frustrating is it to have zero insight in to your materials once they leave your production site?

This is a matter that most ready-mix producers can understand, however, recognizing the impact that new innovations can bring to the table can help you regain power over your product. 

​COMMANDassurance - a new tool in Command Alkon's catalog of technologies - is able to combat these frustrations by providing real-time visibility of the properties of fresh concrete from the moment that it's loaded in to the truck until it's poured.

An Investment in Knowledge Can Pay the Best Interest

COMMANDassurance be easily integrated across Command Alkon systems - from  batch to dispatch. The technology is a probe that is developed to go into the drum of a truck and a tablet that reads data to the driver. The probe device in the truck measures the properties while they are turning in the drum, gathering information that can help with wiser decision-making.

The tablet allows drivers to see slump value without having to get out. This can be a big timesaver and also reduces the chance of injury. Drivers aren't climbing up ladders all the time to take a look at the concrete, cutting down on the number slips, trips, and falls.

Once the driver leaves the plant, the information is available on their tablet in real-time while they're en route. The data will provide visibility in to the properties of the materials, letting them know whether or not more water should be added. Depending on the truck, a button can be pressed to pour water in to the cab to maintain the slump or to get the slump where it needs to be. This can save the driver time when they get to the site. If slump has to be adjusted on site, then that's about three minutes of extra work to do. Every minute costs dollars, so having this information can be a money saver.

The data gets on and off the truck through the TrackIt system, which goes into the TrackIt cloud and is then distributed to various users. When the batch system is loading the next load, it can make better decisions by using information from the prior load's slumps and how much water was added in transit. This data is stored in the TrackIt cloud, making information from months ago readily available to all who have access to it.

Take Command of Your Fresh Concrete

Once fresh concrete leaves the production facility site you really have, in some sense, no control over what goes on with you product. No control. No measurements. Command Alkon says "No longer."

We have the means for collecting measurements - if you can measure it, you can improve it. That's what we're all about. For more information on COMMANDassurance, contact us.



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