Find the Balance in Your Supply Chain

September 14, 2018 Karli Langner

How much time and effort is put in to monitoring and managing the outbound side of an organization’s operations? Combining the systems, people, trucks and other resources invested in the outbound delivery process, the investment of time and energy is substantial. Why not place a similar emphasis and investment into managing the inbound shipping processes and costs? These do play heavily, if not equally into the equation of operational and financial success and customer satisfaction.

Oftentimes, the inbound materials supply philosophy of many companies is “just don’t run out of material.” This approach limits the ability to invest in other revenue generating areas of the operation because excess cash is being tied up in potentially unneeded inventory.

Many organizations function daily through a combination of spreadsheets and hourly telephone calls between various plants, suppliers, and haulers to keep materials supply in check with the ever-changing demand of ready-mix production.  Continually making decisions based on the last spreadsheet update or the last telephone call puts them at risk of outdated information by the time they’re able to reach a reasonable decision. Not using current information that is available to can be costly. 

Adopting technology that continually calculates ready-mix demand in real-time, and balances that demand with existing inventory balances can automatically define and communicate raw materials replenishment needs between the producers, suppliers, and haulers in a supply chain.  A solution like supplyCONNECT empowers supply chain partners to work collaboratively, regain inefficiencies, eliminate wasted time and excess hauling costs, and get the most out of existing fleet resources. 

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